Patrick Gibbons

Pat Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons

Senior Vice President, Marketing

As Principal and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Walker, Gibbons has global responsibility for definition, branding, and promotion of the company and its solutions.

Gibbons has published and/or contributed to a number of articles, papers, and blogs on customer intelligence topics and has a regular column in CRM Magazine. He has been a featured speaker at a wide range of conferences, and has produced a series of educational events for customer experience leaders. He is also one of the primary developers of Face Value – an award-winning, patented educational exercise that unveils the business impact of customer-focused decision making. Gibbons came to Walker in 2000. Previously he held product management and marketing leadership roles in the publishing and online recruitment industries. He earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Cincinnati and his master’s degree in business administration from Butler University.


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