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The fastest way to make customer
experience your biggest advantage

AccelerateCX is the fastest and most effective way to make customer experience your company’s biggest competitive advantage. We work closely with you to assess key areas of competency and readiness for customer experience success. Then we build a practical roadmap to enable you to not only plan for a sustainable competitive advantage but also to identify quick wins to jumpstart your CX success.

Walker’s approach is based on years of experience and exhaustive research. What’s more, it is implemented by experienced CX experts who take the time to understand your business and your goals for transforming your company’s approach to customer experience.

Getting Started with AccelerateCX – We Make It Easy

Walker provides three easy options to get started:

  • CX Fast Trial (free!). Want to get a taste of AccelerateCX? Take our free online assessment. Log in and answer questions about your company’s current customer experience initiatives. Your input will trigger a comprehensive report of how you perform in key areas of CX competency and how you stack up against others.
  • CX Quick Check. A more detailed approach, Walker engages with you to gather input from a broad and diverse group within your company. Each participant provides input on your current CX programs and a Walker consultant performs a review that culminates in a one-hour consultative conference call, providing valuable perspective, insights and recommendations.
  • CX Acceleration Roadmap. Our most comprehensive approach, Walker gathers insights from a broad range of employees and conducts in-depth interviews with key stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of your CX initiatives. Armed with this information, our experts deliver a full report of our findings as well as a comprehensive three-year roadmap for accelerating your customer experience success.

The Walker Maturity Model – key areas of CX competency

Walker Maturity ModelThe Walker Maturity Model – key areas of CX competency

Walker’s latest release, based on years of experience and exhaustive research, is the Walker Maturity Model, which focuses on six key areas of CX competency:

  • Strategy – Customer experience is intentional, designed to establish and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Culture – A deliberate focus on the customer influences the way employees think and act.
  • Insights – An agile system is in place to efficiently gather insights needed to make short-term decisions and guide long-term strategies.
  • Resources – People and financial resources are in place to ensure CX is effectively implemented and governed.
  • Action – Employee decisions are guided by customer insights and action is tracked to ensure follow through takes place.
  • Impact – Systems are in place to monitor the impact on the experience of the customer and financial return to the company.

In addition, The Maturity Model incorporates two additional areas – communication and technology – that support, enhance and heighten the organization’s CX initiatives.

It is the most comprehensive and practical model for assessing CX maturity and driving customer-focused strategies.

See How Your CX Stacks Up – the five levels of CX maturity

Maturity LevelsSee How Your CX Stacks Up – the five levels of CX maturity

A key element of the AccelerateCX program, Walker evaluates your current CX practices based on five levels of maturity:

  • Disjointed – CX efforts are non-existent or at best sporadic and disorganized.
  • Defined – CX is recognized as a discipline but is not deployed in a coordinated fashion.
  • Adopted – CX is accepted as a worthwhile initiative but is not universally leveraged.
  • Embedded – CX is operational and embraced but is not generating tangible results.
  • Optimized – CX is impactful, creating a competitive advantage for the company.

Your level of competency is compared with hundreds of others to provide valuable perspective and direction on your most important areas of development.

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