Walker's Approach

Delivering Value

Each day we work with clients to address issues such as customer experience, retention, and loyalty. While these are important to any business, make no mistake – we view such issues in a much larger context.

We are experts at helping clients address tough business challenges by listening, interpreting, and applying the voice of the customer. While we are involved in a variety of business issues, the ultimate goal is to help our clients increase shareholder value.

If we narrowly focus on issues such as customer experience, retention, and loyalty as individual issues, we sell ourselves short. In contrast, if we address them in the broader context of shareholder value, we can have tremendous impact.

Addressing Client Challenges

What is the difference between a symptom and a challenge? And, why does it matter?

When a client cites their business challenges, they’re often sharing the symptoms of something far greater. While it is tempting (and easier) to focus on eliminating the symptom, we know our impact is far greater when we help our clients address the real challenge. It is critical that we correctly frame the challenge in the context of business performance.

Client challenge process

We ask the right questions to understand why each symptom is present. Once we do understand the business challenge, we work with our clients to develop and implement the appropriate process to take action.

This is the way we generate results for our clients. This is how we improve our clients’ shareholder value.

Tailoring Our Solutions

Tailored solutionsWe deliver solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client by leveraging all of our resources.

There are no “off-the-shelf” solutions at Walker. Every client is different and each has unique challenges. When we work with our clients we listen, ask intelligent questions, and consider a number of options to tailor a solution. We draw from all of our resources – proprietary approaches, technology solutions, solution frameworks, benchmark reports – even information within our clients’ organizations. We involve our best subject matter experts and best practices to make sure we’re bringing together all the resources to help our clients make better business decisions.

Working With Clients

We work with our clients, not for them. We strive to understand their business, build a solid relationship, and earn their respect as a trusted advisor.

Think about the people you trust – the people you go to for advice. Honest, caring, and respectful relationships such as these are exactly what we strive to establish and maintain with our clients. To have this kind of relationship, our approach must have a few important ingredients.

High Intent – To earn the trust of our clients we must manage our relationships with integrity. Managing our relationships with high intent will result in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Collaboration – Greater value is delivered when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The way we work is to roll up our sleeves and work side-by- side on business issues.

Objective Perspective –Since we are not distracted by the day-to-day details of our clients’ issues, we can better distinguish symptoms from challenges and recommend solutions that can have the broadest impact.

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