Customer Intelligence

Customer Experience Assessments

Business relationships are built one transaction at a time. When combined, each individual customer transaction contributes to your customers’ overall loyalty and future purchase behavior.

Understanding each experience helps you allocate the right resources to reduce costs and invest in the right improvements.

Walker has helped countless companies assess and improve their customer experiences. Here are a few key ways we help:

  • Measure current service quality from the perspective of your customers.
  • Pinpoint your service strengths to leverage in marketing campaigns.
  • Identify the critical service problems demanding the most attention.
  • Zero-in on unresolved customer issues and take action before it’s too late.
  • Establish baseline measures for tracking service improvement.
  • Prove that a service operation has impact upon the loyalty of customers.
  • Benchmark how your service operation stacks up against other leading companies.
  • Clarify the key drivers of overall service quality for the customer to better align these with internal measures.
Walker has decades of experience helping companies improve their customers’ experiences with the most impact on the bottom line.

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