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Walker understands that companies today need extraordinary flexibility when it comes to technology solutions. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all platform, we deliver an integrated collection of powerful applications carefully designed around the needs of each user.

Read on to learn more about Walker’s tools. More importantly, learn about the people that use our tools. Browse our tools by functional description or browse by user. Either way, we believe you can’t find better tools to accelerate your customer strategy.

Profiles of the people that rely on Walker technology

Walker has carefully designed each of our tools around the most common users of our tools. Pictured below are several key “personas” – all of whom rely on customer information in their role. Click on each user to learn more about their role and the tools Walker has designed to meet their needs.

Personas Customer Account Manager Technical Support Customer Strategist Data Analyst Manager Executive Employee

Click on any of these users to see how they use Walker's Technology Tools

Walker technology tools

Click on any of the icons to learn more about each technology tool.

Technology Tools
Offline Reports Text Analytics Salesforce Smart Summaries Integration Walker Source Surveys Dashboards Walker BI WalkerLink WL Mobile Social Media Follow Up

Too many companies take a one-size-fits-all approach. They develop a technology platform that is expected to work for all organizations. What's more, they expect their customers to adapt their needs to the tools they have available.

At Walker, we’ve developed a better approach.

We believe each company is unique and their customer issues are diverse. To address these broad needs we follow a simple, yet effective approach:

  • We begin by developing a range of tools all based on five key criteria – accessible, relevant, flexible, robust, and secure.
  • Next, we collaborate with each client to understand their business, structure, objectives, and information needs.
  • Then, we deploy the right tools and tailor them to ensure customer information is provided in a seamless manner to produce better decisions and more action.

At Walker, we are successful only if our clients succeed. And our collection of tools is a key ingredient facilitating and accelerating the success of our clients.

Click on the icons to learn more about Walker’s technology tools.

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