Walker Information is an expert in helping companies manage the loyalty and retention of their employees. We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to help them listen to their employees, understand what drives their loyalty, and take action to promote a more productive and stable workplace.

We’ve made it simple to work with Walker. We gather your feedback and provide you with useful easy-to-read reports.

The Walker Loyalty Report for Loyalty in the Workplace
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It’s great to conduct surveys, but you have to be able to make sense of the feedback you receive from your employees. Walker makes it easy. Our reports are easy to interpret and spotlight your top priorities.

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Walker Information

Executive Summary

The 2007 installment of The Walker Loyalty Report for Loyalty in the Workplace reveals insightful information about the commitment, loyalty, and related behaviors of today’s workforce. These studies help companies in multiple industries find the connection between loyal employees, loyal customers, and profit.

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3 Things You Need to Know

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Every executive wants a productive and loyal workforce. But in today’s competitive world, it’s often difficult to achieve. To really develop the right environment it helps to understand a few key things.

  1. Know your level of risk.
  2. Know what drives your employees.
  3. Know your priorities.

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5 Questions Companies Need to Answer

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Don’t conduct an employee survey without really knowing what you are getting into. Ask yourself these key questions before conducting your employee survey:

  1. Do I really need to do this?
  2. Can’t I just do it myself?
  3. How much does this cost?
  4. How can I get employees to take surveys?
  5. What do I do with all their feedback?

This short brochure will answer these questions and tell you how to get started on a useful and productive
employee survey program.

And More...

Walker has years of experience helping companies of all sizes and industries to improve business performance by measuring and managing employee loyalty.

Learn more – the following links provide additional information about Walker’s innovative solutions to measure and manage employee loyalty.

  • Walker’s approach – Walker measures employee loyalty in a way that makes it practical for companies.

  • Why employee loyalty matters – Loyal employees can make a huge difference for your business.

  • Walker Loyalty Reports – We’ve conducted several major studies on employee loyalty that have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and many other publications. Learn more about status of employee loyalty in the United States.

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