Walker's Global Reach

For decades Walker has refined the art of working with clients around the globe. Because we are so focused in developing customer strategies, it’s not surprising that we work with many of the world’s most influential companies.

Walker provides comprehensive solutions and services to address a broad range of needs, whether it is conducting a domestic study or serving a multi-national company gathering feedback from customers all over the world. Each year, Walker helps companies make the most of customer and employee insights that have been collected from virtually every country around the world.

The Walker Global Network

Walker also works directly with companies around the globe through business partners in the Walker Global Network. Through established partnerships with more than 15 companies, the Walker Global Network serves clients in their markets with a unique combination of local knowledge and global reach – all aimed at improving business performance.

If your business requires a global approach, contact Walker to hear how we have helped countless organizations develop customer-focused programs on a global scale.

To hear more about how we coordinate global programs and to learn more about our network of global partners please contact:

Kitty Radcliff



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