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WEBCAST: Building Your Customer Listening Architecture

May 23, 1pm Eastern

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The Effective CX Leader

10 Traits of Top Customer Experience Leaders

What makes an effective CX leader? What skills do they possess? What do they do differently? Knowing that you can be more effective when you’re aware of your skills, Walker has gathered input and developed an inventory of key skills plus how you can develop each, found in this manual.

CX Storytelling Workbook

Is storytelling listed in your job description? Probably not. And yet, it is a valuable skill to develop as CX professionals are often called upon to deliver presentations that tell the stories of their customers. This workbook was developed to provide a practical process and useful tools to help CX professionals deliver captivating presentations that drive customer-focused action.

Customer Experience Mapping

Mapping Customer Experiences to Establish and Maintain a Competitive Advantage

Most companies have a least a general idea what customers go through in doing business with them. Where many fall short, however, is in identifying the real moments of truth – those touchpoints most critical to the customer. Walker Journey Mapping can help. Highly interactive and collaborative, journey mapping is a multi-faceted exercise that documents various touchpoints, strengths and weaknesses to arrive at those key, singular moments that can make or break the customer relationship.


Igniting an Engaged Culture That is Committed to Customers

Building the right culture for customer-focused results can be overwhelming for those who lead CX initiatives because so much seems to lie beyond your control. However, without the right cultural setting, your customer experience efforts will likely fall flat.