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Customer Experience Mapping

Customer Experience Mapping

Mapping Customer Experiences to Establish and Maintain a Competitive Advantage



Most companies have a least a general idea what customers go through in doing business with them. Where many fall short, however, is in identifying the real moments of truth – those touchpoints most critical to the customer. Walker Journey Mapping can help. Highly interactive and collaborative, journey mapping is a multi-faceted exercise that documents various touchpoints, strengths and weaknesses to arrive at those key, singular moments that can make or break the customer relationship.


Journey mapping is conducted by gathering a cross-functional group from within your company to systematically walk through the journey customers follow to interact with you. This uncovers key experiences to leverage areas to improve. Customer interviews or mapping sessions are conducted to determine perceptual alignment – whether your company’s perception is, in fact, your customer’s reality. Specific to B-to-B companies, qualitative feedback is also obtained from third-party channel partners, distributors and resellers.

This process leads to:

  • Greater alignment from employees across various functional and geographic groups
  • A better understanding of what it is like to be your customer
  • Identification of key moments of truth
  • The foundation for a customer listening strategy or customer experience program
  • Identification of gaps in the customer experience
  • More focus regarding support, training and development

Walker’s journey mapping approach can help you create the right listening program, affirm action plans, reveal obstacles and get the right people engaged to help you make customer experience your biggest competitive advantage.




ow do your customers want to work with you? Not just in the context of the way you work today. Instead, what if you could create an ideal customer experience that gave you a clear and distinct advantage over your competitors? Walker Breakthrough Mapping is designed to go beyond the way things work today to explore customer needs and deliver the ideal customer experience.


The process builds upon Journey Mapping – our popular process of mapping current customer experiences – to identify the ideal customer experience, one that truly sets your company apart from the competition. Once we document the current customer journey, Walker then facilitates a creative problem-solving process to think well beyond existing experience. We collaborate with you to answer the question, “What would be the absolute ideal experience for customers?” Existing paradigms are shattered and breakthrough experiences are conceived to deliver a customer experience that provides a sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

This process leads to:

  • Engaged, cross-functional teams completely focused on new ideas
  • Breakthrough concepts that drive CX innovation
  • Contagious creativity from engaged employees
  • Development of ideal future experiences for customers
  • New experiences that create a noticeable difference for customers
  • A new competitive advantage for your company

In today’s business environment, the most effective method for creating a competitive advantage is the experience of the customer. The experts at Walker can help you map the ideal experience and design a dramatically better way to interact with your customers.

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