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CX Storytelling Workbook

CX Storytelling Workbook

Is storytelling listed in your job description? Probably not. And yet, it is a valuable skill to develop as CX professionals are often called upon to deliver presentations that tell the stories of their customers. This workbook was developed to provide a practical process and useful tools to help CX professionals deliver captivating presentations that drive customer-focused action.

The CX Storytelling workbook features the following 10 exercises to help develop, deliver, and strengthen great 

  • AUDIENCE: Develop a profile of your attendees
  • CONTEXT: Determine the type of presentation to prepare
  • TRANSFORMATIONS: Consider the thoughts and actions you intend to influence
  • SUCCESS: Identify criteria for success
  • MESSAGE: Determine potential messages to include
  • PRIORITIES: Prioritize the messages you will deliver
  • ORDER: Determine the most effective sequence
  • COMPONENTS: Identify key details to be effective
  • DELIVERY: Integrate methods to keep your audience engaged
  • STRENGTHEN: Reinforce your messages with effective follow up

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