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Data Rich Insight Poor

Data Rich Insight Poor

The art of transforming data into customer intelligence

The Art of Transforming Data into Customer Intelligence provides a framework for leveraging multiple sources of data to improve customer interactions with B-to-B companies. It’s a tool for creating value from customer intelligence. And, it’s a guide for accelerating insight delivery.

There are pieces of customer information lurking in every area of today’s companies. Without a collective view and purpose, professionals gather information based on their own individual needs. This volume of data is difficult to harness, and in many cases, companies don’t have a complete accounting of all the information assets that are available. Additionally, many companies are overloaded with static data incapable of offering predictive value for the future.

As the tsunami of data grows, companies are asking themselves, “How do we use this data to create meaningful insights that give us a competitive advantage?” Data Rich, Insight Poor – The Art of Transforming Data into Customer Intelligence seeks to help customer experience professionals answer this question.


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