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Gathering Customer Insights

Gathering Customer Insights

11 Methods to Understand Your Customers and Guide Your Decisions

When some people think of gathering customer insights they think only about conducting surveys. We believe that approach is too narrow and puts too much burden on the customer.

We suggest going way beyond surveys.

New tools and emerging techniques provide more options for business leaders to capture the voice of the customer and improve customer experiences. We recommend a comprehensive approach using a wide variety of inputs. And naturally, we recommend the careful use surveys when they are the right method.

Ultimately, companies should strive to gather customer insights in a way that results in better insights, more action, and more impact.


  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer Advisory Boards
  • Customer Event Feedback
  • Social Media
  • Journey Mapping
  • Online Customer Panels
  • In the Moment Feedback
  • Surveys
  • Voice of the Customer Through the Employee
  • Text Analytics
  • Company Metrics


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