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Taking Action Produces Big Payoff

Taking Action Produces Big Payoff

A leading provider of technology solutions implemented a "hot alert" system to take immediate action on their customer issues. In one year they were able to convert thousands of sales leads into millions in revenue.

Turning customer feedback into action is the number one challenge for customer strategists. It requires moving beyond simply gathering and disseminating of information to guiding business strategy and key initiatives. This leading provider of technology solutions implemented a world-class system for taking immediate action that produced closed-loop results.


A leading provider of technology solutions had a robust customer loyalty and experience program, but they wanted to create a way they could stay vigilant in listening and responding to the voice of the customer.


Their first priority was promptly addressing any issue or request identified by a customer during a survey. When a customer responds with negative feedback or a specific problem, Walker’s system flags respondents that need a response. All of these flagged activities – or “hot alerts”– are logged and tracked until follow up has taken place.

Customer surveys have also become a rich source of sales leads. When a customer makes an inquiry through the survey, the “hot alert” is directed to the sales team within 24 hours. This allows the account manager to follow up immediately on the inquiry, as well as to provide an opportunity for a personal touch with the customer. In one year, leads from the survey process alone yielded tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue.


During a time of economic slump, the hot alert process allowed this company to fully capitalize on their survey feedback. This process identified thousands of customers interested in specific product offerings, which were converted into millions in additional revenue. This new “sales path” generated significant incremental dollars for the organization.


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