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The Value of Making it Easy

The Value of Making it Easy

How B-to-B Firms Prosper by Improving Customer Ease of Doing Business

This study explores a top business priority of customer experience professionals, “ease of doing business,” and will guide customer experience leaders to be the catalyst for change in streamlining procedures and simplifying processes.

Some of the findings include:

  • Eighty percent of companies surveyed say B-to-B organizations are focused on improving ease of doing business, but only 57 percent say they are effective at making it easier for customers to do business.
  • There’s a big payoff for customers and companies to simplify the customer experience. There is evidence that customers make important purchase decisions based on how easy it is to work with companies. What’s more, companies can realize significant cost savings by aligning with customer needs. 
  • Consumer experiences are shaping the expectations of B-to-B companies. Seventy-seven percent of buyers indicate that their consumer experiences influence their expectations as a B-to-B customer.

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