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CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker

The CX Leader Podcast with host Steve Walker provides insights for business leaders to improve results by unlocking the potential of their customer experience. More than a discussion of CX topics, the podcast focuses on ways CX professionals can develop the right skills and ideas to be effective leaders in their organizations.

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Best Practices in CX

A podcast series exploring the best practices CX professionals should utilize to bring the best experience possible to their customers.

  • Episode 70: What to do with all this data

    In the first episode of a new series focusing on best practices for CX professionals, Steve welcomes Jessica Gregory, associate vice president for advisory services and analytics expert to discuss how analyzing customer data can bring you powerful insights to help drive your customer experience program.

  • Episode 71: Bouncing Off Guardrails

    Continuing the series focusing on best practices, Steve welcomes Nick Frunzi, chief customer officer at Esri, a world leader in GIS mapping and spatial analytics software, to discuss the importance of empowering cross-functional teams with your company’s customer experience efforts.

  • Episode 72: Meeting in a Box

    Finding time and methods to communicate CX efforts across a company with 900+ employees can be challenging. Steve welcomes guest Mark Slatin to discuss how Sandy Spring Bank synchronizes all their CX efforts through an innovative educational program that includes cross-functional activities.

  • Episode 73: Don’t just use your gut

    For a discussion on how to move a not-for-profit organization from making decisions based on gut instinct to utilizing customer feedback, Steve welcomes Andrea Krohnberg, senior director of customer experience at the YMCA Twin Cities in Minneapolis. They discuss how she led the effort to make customer insights and data a key decision-making driver in the organization and how it improved their CX efforts.

  • Episode 74: From Patrons to Customers

    Continuing the Best Practices series, Steve welcomes the chief customer experience officer for the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Alison Circle, for a discussion on CX within the not-for-profit space and how the organization has adapted to disruptions in the normal model for libraries.

  • Episode 75: It's Party Time!

    Guest host Pat Gibbons welcomes Walker expert Dereck Mobley for a discussion on how customer experiences professionals can plan corporate events around customer feedback to bring better awareness of your company’s CX efforts to the organization.

  • Episode 76: The Story of the Customer

    Customer experience professionals work with a ton of data, but often find that they don’t have time to read some of the most insightful sources of information: customer comments. Steve welcomes Joyce Gott, a marketing research manager at Anthem, Inc. for a discussion on the importance and value of bringing customer comments to life within your company.

  • Episode 77: Starting From Scratch

    It might sound like more work but sometimes building a CX program from the ground up has its advantages. Steve welcomes guest Roberta O'Keith of Murphy-Hoffman Company, a full-service truck dealership, to discuss how she started customer experience programs in companies that had no such efforts in place.