Building Your Customer Listening Architecture

WEBCAST: Change Management: A Marathon or a Sprint

July 26, 1pm Eastern

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CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker

The CX Leader Podcast with host Steve Walker provides insights for business leaders to improve their business results by unlocking the potential of their customer experience, helping their customers and prospects want to do more business.

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Building Your Customer Listening Architecture

Building Your Customer Listening ArchitectureListening to your customer's needs is a vital part of an effective CX strategy, so it's critical that you have the right technology and strategies in place to gather the required insights for your customer experience. In this three-episode series, Steve welcomes experts from Walker and Qualtrics to help explain the importance of a carefully considered listening program.

Webcast: Building Your Customer Listening Architecture

  • Episode 22: Requirements, Planning, and Execution

    Allison Grayson, a certified customer experience professional and vice president at Walker, joins Steve to talk about the importance of an effective listening architecture and how careful planning will benefit your CX program.

  • Episode 23: #Frankensurvey

    How's your customer listening "house"? Do you have that one survey that always gets added to and has now become this monstrosity of your CX listening strategy? Steve welcomes Dr. Troy Powell to the podcast to discuss the dangers of not effectively planning your listening architecture and how you can avoid relying on the "Frankensurvey" to gather valuable customer insights.

  • Episode 24: The Right Tool for the Right Job

    In the third episode of our series on Building Your Listening Architecture, Steve welcomes Dr. Kyle Groff, a senior principal for global CX strategy at Qualtrics to discuss the tools and strategies in gathering customer insights.