Change Management: A Marathon or a Sprint?

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  • Episode 29: You need to drive action!

    CX experts are often on the front-lines of instituting changes to better the customer experience, but it’s not an easy task. Steve welcomes back Walker expert Noah Grayson to begin a three-episode series on change management and how to effectively drive action in your company.

  • Episode 30: SPRINTing to a solution

    "Death by meeting” is a popular term, and it’s not uncommon to see businesses attempt to conceive and launch new solutions or products over a period of weeks - or months! But in the customer experience realm, speed is critical. Steve welcomes consultant Jack Walker to explain how the SPRINT process used in software companies can take the time needed to develop new CX programs from months down to days.

  • Episode 31: A real-world SPRINT

    In the third episode of the Change Management series, Steve welcomes back consultant Jack Walker and first-time guest Britt Kennedy, a director of customer intelligence from Sysco, to describe how the SPRINT process was applied to create a new solution within their CX program.