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Customers 2020: A Progress ReportIn this episode series, Steve Walker discusses the three main areas of importance in regards to customer experience as we approach 2020: personalization, ease, and speed. Guests include Walker experts Brad Harmon, Melissa Meier, and Troy Powell.  

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  • Episode 1: The Importance of Personalization

    Steve discusses the importance of personalization from the recently released Walker research, "Customers 2020: A Progress Report" with guest Brad Harmon, a certified customer experience professional and vice-president of consulting services for Walker Information.

  • Episode 2: Making it Easy for Customers

    Steve and guest Melissa Meier, a certified customer experience professional and vice president at Walker Information, continue the discussion of the recently published report, "Customers 2020: A Progress Report" by describing about how companies can make it easy for their customers to do business.

  • Episode 3: At the Speed of Customers

    Steve and guest Troy Powell, Ph.D. and vice president of statistical solutions at Walker Information, discuss the importance of speed in your customer experience efforts.