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The CX Leader Podcast with host Steve Walker provides insights for business leaders to improve results by unlocking the potential of their customer experience. More than a discussion of CX topics, the podcast focuses on ways CX professionals can develop the right skills and ideas to be effective leaders in their organizations.

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Intersections with CX

How does customer experience fit in today’s business environment? As the impact of customer experience has become more and more evident, other disciplines have emerged – all uniquely connected to the work of CX leaders. However, it can get pretty confusing, making it difficult to pin down the boundaries. This series will explore those “gray areas” where CX and other business disciplines intersect.

  • Episode 46: Read More Science Fiction

    How does the customer experience practice work with other disciplines? In the inaugural episode of a new series, Steve explores the intersection of CX and UX (user experience) with guests Mike Miserendino and Suzi Shapiro from GravityDrive, a user experience consulting services company in Indianapolis.

Episode 47 is "Customer-focused Training" and is part of our "User Series".
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  • Episode 48: Customer Success

    Exploring another topic on intersections with customer experience, Steve welcomes Dave Duke, an expert in customer success management and is the co-founder and chief customer officer of MetaCX, for a discussion on customer success and its relevance in customer experience.