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CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker

The CX Leader Podcast with host Steve Walker provides insights for business leaders to improve results by unlocking the potential of their customer experience. More than a discussion of CX topics, the podcast focuses on ways CX professionals can develop the right skills and ideas to be effective leaders in their organizations.

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Luminaries of CX

Who are the "rock stars" of CX - those individuals who have worked to promote the importance of knowing how  customer's experiences impact companies? In this series, Steve Walker will invite CX luminaries to the CX Leader Podcast for a discussion on how they got started in the CX space and what they feel is important for CX leaders to know.

  • Episode 37: From CRM to CX

    Host Steve Walker welcomes the CEO of Customer Think Corporation and the founder and editor-in-chief of Bob Thompson to discuss how he started in the customer experience industry and his thoughts on the future of the CX movement.

  • Episode 38: Getting Over the "Bump"

    Host Steve Walker welcomes Megan Burns, CEO of Experience Enterprises, as the next guest in the Luminaries of CX series. The conversation includes how Burns started her career in the CX space and what the future hold for the customer experience industry.

  • Episode 39 of the CX Leader Podcast featured our "CX Day Celebration!" Listen to that episode here
  • Episode 40: Becoming the Chief "Charismatic" Officer

    Steve continues with the Luminaries of CX series in a discussion with Diane Magers, the interim CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association on what skills make the best CX pros and her views on the future of the profession.

  • Episode 41: What's your "word-of-mouth" strategy?

    Businesses often focus on various types of strategies to get ahead in the market: sales strategy, market strategy, customer experience strategy - but do you have a "word-of-mouth" strategy? Steve welcomes New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer to discuss his new book, "Talk Triggers", and how companies can recruit their own customers into becoming marketing volunteers.