When journey maps don't go the distance

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When journey maps don't go the distance: three detours to avoid

The customer journey map is a valuable qualitative tool for understanding customer needs and expectations at each phase of the customer lifecycle. But there are traps, or "detours," that can take you off course. In this three-episode series, Steve and CX experts discuss those detours and how to avoid them when mapping your customers' journey.

Walker has extensive experience in journey mapping and we've got a ton of resources on how to steer clear of the detours:

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  • Episode 25: Steer clear of the process map

    Journey mapping is a powerful tool in the CX leader's arsenal, but there are some "detours" you should avoid. In the first of a three-part series, Steve discusses how to avoid the process map detour with guests Melissa Meier from Walker and Sheila March from Ascension Ministry Service Center.

  • Episode 26: Don't drive past your customers!

    Companies are always looking to save time and money by taking shortcuts, but don't be tempted to detour around your customers' feedback or you might find your journey map is not accurate to your customer experience. Steve discusses how to avoid this detour with Krista Roseberry, a vice president at Walker, and Tracy DeCarlo, director of performance management, client and member services at ELAP Services.

  • Episode 27: So you have a journey map... what now?

    Customer journey maps are an excellent resource for companies to refine their CX initiatives, but companies often leave them on the shelf to collect dust. In the third of our series on avoiding the detours that can prevent your journey maps from going the distance, Steve welcomes back CX expert Allison Grayson, a vice president at Walker, to discuss how companies can activate their journey map, taking full advantage of their value.