Frightening tales of CX nightmares

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The Effective CX Leader

This webcast explores what makes an effective CX leader. What skills do they possess? What do they do differently? Based on input we’ve gathered and our own experience, we’ve developed a checklist of the top traits.

CX Trends 2018

Keeping up when customer expectations are constantly changing isn’t easy. Walker’s Customers 2020 research revealed that B-to-B companies are far behind in preparing for customers of the future.

The Latest and Greatest in CX Analytics

Ever felt like there was nothing new and exciting happening in your data? Need new inspiration for your CX analytics plan? You won’t want to miss this session. We’ll explore Todd Rose’s “The End of Average” as context for a deeper conversation around CX analytics. As customers’ demands for personalized services increase, we need CX analytics that accommodate customer uniqueness rather than statistical averages.

Progress Toward 2020

In 2013, Walker released an eye-opening preview of B-to-B customer experience in the year 2020. Arming forward-thinking companies with thought-provoking insight to plan for the future, Customers 2020 focused on how B-to-B firms should begin positioning themselves to meet changing customer expectations.

Change Management

CX professionals should regularly discuss creating change. Haven’t we all seen how even good action plans can be hard to fully execute? Many leaders are surprised by how their associates resist changes and the general inertia facing even the best improvement plans. But such behavior can be anticipated and treated with a few proven change management remedies.