Webcast: Advanced Customer Due Diligence

Advanced Customer Due Diligence
Customer due diligence has evolved.

Up to 80% of the value in an acquisition is in the customer asset. And yet, most buyers know far too little about this critically important asset. Best practices in customer due diligence have evolved to be more scientific than strategic. They incorporate sophisticated approaches and predictive analytics for more efficient integration, faster growth, increased EBITDA, and higher multiples. This webinar will highlight trends in customer due diligence and will provide examples to show how organizations have used advance approaches to measure customer loyalty, assess risk, identify key areas on which to focus, and even develop account-level strategies to intelligently pursue.


  • Learn the key ingredients of advanced customer due diligence – and why it makes such a big difference.
  • Discover how new approaches go beyond simply validating a deal to improve integration and drive more value.
  • Hear examples to show how advanced methods have been put to use for more efficient integration and faster growth.

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