Webcast: Proactive CX

Proactive CX
A forward-focus on customer experience

Customer expectations are changing. Customers expect B-to-B companies to personalize the experience, anticipate the current and future needs, and interact with them on their own terms. Customers want to do business with companies that are one step ahead. And, with more options available in the market, B-to-B companies can no longer afford to set-up customer experience strategies that react to customer input. They must deliver insights that enable the organization to be proactive with customers. Being proactive isn’t just about R&D or product development. It relates to every aspect of the customer journey.


  • What B-to-B customer experience professionals must to do become more proactive with their customer relationships

  • What it will take to transform and meet the higher expectations of our customers and the increased demand of our stakeholders

  • The Optimized CX System - A new approach for B-to-B customer experience

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