Webcast: The Value of Making it Easy

The Value of Making it Easy
How B-to-B firms prosper by improving customer ease of doing business

Why are "ease of doing" initiatives becoming so important for B-to-B firms? In a nutshell, customers are looking for a simplified experience. Armed with the Internet and new technologies, today's B-to-B customers are highly informed, and as a result, they're empowered like never before. Ease of doing business means eliminating the complications and clearing the clutter.

Walker has recently released a study that explores a top business priority of customer experience professionals, "ease of doing business," and guides customer experience leaders to be the catalyst for change in streamlining procedures and simplifying processes.


  • The findings of our latest study providing insight into B-to-B firms simplifying the customer experience, and why it is a big payoff

  • The "Amazon Effect" and how experiences as consumers are paving the way for the B-to-B customer experience

  • Insight and strategies for helping B-to-B companies create a customer experience customers currently desire, and in the future will require.

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