White Paper: Five Obstacles

Five Obstacles

Five Obstacles to Customer Engagement

Many executives realize the importance of aligning strategies behind the voice of the customer. However, too often, voice-of-the-customer initiatives occupy too much energy and produce meager results.  This document highlights five common obstacles companies encounter when implementing their customer strategies.

Ineffective Listening
Ineffective listening is the first key obstacle every company must overcome to be truly engaged with their customers. Many companies simply don’t have a good system set up to gather insights from their customers.
Lack of Infrastructure
Too many companies suffer a lack of infrastructure when it comes to putting customer insights to use. They gather all kinds of feedback from their customers, then look at it and say, "Now what do I do with all of this?"
Poor Leadership
Leadership at all levels is a critical element to ensuring that voice-of-the customer initiatives are truly strategic.
Weak Alignment
When customer initiatives aren’t aligned with other company strategies they lack relevance and meaning. Suddenly, investments don’t make sense and employees see the initiatives as just one more thing to distract them from their "real" job.
Inadequate Payoff
Too often, companies can't (or don't) calculate the payoff. Customer strategies shouldn't stand by themselves – they should connect with other business metrics and prove that there is a strong impact on corporate performance.

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