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Speakers announced for 2015 B-to-B Customer Experience Summit

INDIANAPOLIS – Customer intelligence consulting firm Walker Information announced the speaker lineup for the B-to-B Customer Experience Summit held May 18-20, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seattle, Wash. The speakers include:

Daniel James Brown, New York Times bestselling author of The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Brown lives in the CX Summit host city and will share the fascinating Seattle-based story of the 1936 crew team from the University of Washington that made history through dedication and teamwork.

Megan Burns, Vice President and Principal Analyst Forrester Research, is a leading expert on customer experience management, maturity, benchmarking, governance, and ROI. She is the creator of Forrester's Customer Experience Maturity Framework and manages The Customer Experience Index, Forrester's annual benchmark of customer experience quality across more than 150 large U.S. firms.

Lynne Lancaster, author and owner of BridgeWorks, is one of today's foremost cultural translators. An expert on the generations, she is co-founder of BridgeWorks, a company that advises leaders, managers, and employees on how to conduct business more successfully by bridging generation gaps at work and in the marketplace. Her keynote speeches and workshops have enlightened and entertained audiences from many of America’s best companies.

Dr. Will Miller, therapist and corporate speaker, is an authority on mental health and well-being, and presents to corporations and organizations about coping with and adapting to change. He has five graduate degrees and spent 17 years as a professional headline comedian in New York City. He was the on air spokesman for Nick-at-Night and hosted the NBC daytime talk show "The Other Side." He is featured regularly on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show (Premiere Radio Networks).

Carolyn Muise, Vice President of EMC Corporation’s Total Customer Experience Program, has operational responsibility for engagement with EMC’s customers, partners, and employees to drive quality, innovation and continuous improvement into its products, services and business operations.

Focused on the latest and best customer strategies for B-to-B companies, this event helps companies go beyond customer listening to become more intelligent about their customers and drive business success. In addition to the relevant and powerful keynote speakers, a highlight of the event will be the release of two studies – one focused on how companies use customer experience strategies to gain a competitive edge and the other is focused on ways B-to-B companies can deliver great customer experiences by staying a step ahead of their customers.

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