Indiana Business Council Legislature Survey

Indiana Business Council Legislature Survey

Indiana Business professionals weigh-in on 'Right-to-Work' and Statehouse Stalemate

INDIANAPOLIS —Indiana business professionals are weighing in with strong opinions in a “Right-to-Work and Statehouse Stalemate” survey of the INdiana Business Council. Nearly 1,500 members of the statewide, online panel responded to the survey sent out early this week.

“The results underscore the passion that exists on both sides of the ‘right-to-work’ issue,” said Gerry Dick, president of Grow INdiana Media Ventures LLC and host of Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick. “The walkout by House Democrats has also struck a nerve statewide.”

The INdiana Business Council survey was sent out Monday, Feb. 28 and closed Wednesday, March 2. The results include:

  • 75 percent believe Indiana should become a right-to-work state
  • 56 percent believe House Republicans should have introduced right-to-work legislation this session
  • 82 percent disagree with the House Democrats’ decision to hold out on issues other than right-to-work
  • 81 percent believe House Democrats made the wrong decision by leaving the state
  • 74 percent support legislation modifying collective bargaining for public school teachers

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The INdiana Business Council is an online panel of approximately 4,000 Indiana business professionals that are surveyed on important business and economic issues throughout the year.  Feedback from the panel is analyzed, interpreted and published by Walker and Inside INdiana Business. The INdiana Business Council is a partnership between Inside INdiana Business and Indianapolis-based Walker.

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