Mergers & Acquisitions

For any company interested in growth, here’s a sobering statistic: Research shows 50 percent of all acquisitions ultimately fail to add value to the shareholders of the acquiring firm. It’s surprising, particularly when you consider the rigorous process of due diligence that takes place before a merger or acquisition takes place.

However, few companies perform any adequate investigation of the asset that is almost always the single most important to be understood–the customer base. The customer asset can make up as much as 80 percent of the transaction value, yet far too little attention is paid to it.

At Walker, we offer solutions that take full advantage of customer intelligence to deliver solutions that drive more successful mergers and acquisitions.

Walker is an objective, unbiased resource with the ability to scientifically validate the customer base as a viable asset. Whether you are a corporate buyer or a private equity firm, we’ll help you use customer intelligence to beat the odds and drive more growth through your merger and acquisition strategies.

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