Market Positioning

Setting Your Sights

Setting Your SightsMarket Guide begins with a baseline deep dive approach that identifies product features and brand attributes most important to consumers’ decision making and measures brand differentiation that drives market share.

A deep dive survey measures the whole market related to awareness, usage, overall brand experience, brand equity, market barriers, share of wallet, and brand characteristics of all brands in the market.

Given the deep dive outcomes, Walker works with the client to identify the brand strategies and tactics going forward. We identify critical differentiators for their brand that sets them apart from the competition and helps them gain more market share.

The baseline study is then pared down to a lean version of key metrics that serve as a continuous core study that allows a brand to sense and respond to critical changes in their market over time. This also allows looking beyond what differentiates a brand to what is influencing change in market share or other high level measures over time.

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