Market Positioning

What Shapes Your Brand?

Brand EquityDo you understand the needs of the market that drive brand equity? Is it the interactions with your customers? Is it the context of how you stack up with your competitors? Do you understand the unique needs of different segments and occasions of use that drive market share? Is your advertising and promotional messaging effective in attracting new customers? Does it align with your current customer experience? The truth is all of these characteristics are tightly woven together in the eyes of the customer, indistinguishable from one another. And yet, most companies study and use each discipline independently.

At Walker we feel these are vital concepts that must be analyzed together to maximize your brand equity and drive sustained growth. Market Guide is a powerful solution that effectively combines advertising and awareness/usage (AAU) research, customer experience management (CEM), competitive intelligence (CI) and needs-based segmentation into one streamlined solution.

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