Ten Traits of Effective CX Leaders


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Ten Traits of Effective CX Leaders

Ten Traits of Effective CX LeadersIn this podcast series, Steve Walker and guests discuss the top ten traits of CX leaders and how you can leverage or improve those qualities to affect change in your companies approach to customer experience.

Included with this series is a downloadable report that explains each trait and includes tips on how to improve your leadership skills.

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  • Episode 4: The Passionate CX Leader

    This episode begins a 10-part series where host Steve Walker invites guests to highlight the ten traits of an effective CX leader. Lauri Jones, a certified customer experience professional and vice president of Walker Information, discusses the trait of being passionate.

  • Episode 5: Experience is Knowledge

    In the second of this 10-episode series, Steve welcomes back guest Melissa Meier, a certified customer experience professional and vice president of Walker Information, to discuss the importance of being knowledgeable in your field as a CX leader.

  • Episode 6: Communicating Your CX Message

    In the third of the series "10 Traits of Effective CX Leaders," Steve welcomes guest Kristina Kittle, a consultant at Walker Information, to help explain the importance of communication skills as a trait for effective CX leaders.

  • Episode 7: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    Host Steve Walker invites guest Jennifer Batley, a senior vice president at Walker Information, to discuss collaboration as a part of our on-going series on the 10 traits of effective CX leaders.

  • Episode 8: Do Me a Favor

    Steve welcomes guest Sonya McAllister to discuss how CX leaders need to be influential - persuading other people and teams to engage and join in efforts to create a customer experience that provides a competitive advantage.

  • Episode 9: The Analytical Leader

    Steve welcomes back Dr. Troy Powell, vice president at Walker, to discuss how it's not necessary for CX leaders to know analytics, but it's critical for them to think analytically.

  • Episode 10: Olympic-level Focus for CX Leader

    CX professional Krista Roseberry joins Steve to discuss what she learned from binge-watching the Olympics: leaders need to be focused.

  • Episode 11: Being Innovative

    Disrupting the status quo can sometimes lead to innovative solutions when it comes to CX, and Steve discusses this trait with Walker senior vice president and customer experience professional Sean Clayton.

  • Episode 12: Being a Catalyst for CX Change

    As CX professionals, we are looking to make a difference, engage our organizations and drive meaningful change on behalf of the customer. The problem is being that catalyst for change in organizations can be difficult. Steve welcomes guest Allison Grayson, a certified CX professional and vice president at Walker, to discuss strategies to help drive meaningful change in your CX program.

  • Episode 13: The Business Savvy CX Leader

    An effective CX leader will utilize the thought process needed to understand the key components of a situation and comprehend the consequences of actions. Steve welcomes Noah Grayson, a CX professional and senior vice president at Walker, to discuss the trait of being a business savvy CX leader.

  • Episode 14: Bonus Episode! Why you’ll never be great at all 10 CX traits

    Steve welcomes back Walker senior vice president Jennifer Batley to review the 10 traits of an effective leader and talk about how customer experience professionals rated themselves at the Qualtrics X4 Summit. Jennifer also introduces an eleventh “bonus” trait.