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Customer service and technical support organizations offer the ideal case for transactional measurement. It is in this environment and through contact with these groups that many customer relationships are sustained in between buying cycles. 

Walker helps monitor these interactions to ensure that each service and support interaction is positive – anything less can erode customer loyalty and increase the likelihood that a customer will look elsewhere for their next purchase.

Most companies collect a wide array of metrics about the service experience itself. We use advance analytics to put all the pieces together to target strategies for improvement and intervention.

Walker has worked with top service organizations. Below are just a few of the ways we help.

  • Measure the quality of the most recent service experience from the perspective of your customers
  • Pinpoint service strengths and identify weaknesses
  • Zero-in on unresolved customer issues and take action before it’s too late
  • Track improvement or decline over time
  • Prove the impact of initiatives
  • Establish customer-guided optimum service levels on key service elements
  • Predict customers who likely had a poor experience

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