Strategic Account Management


Strategic account managers must drive value while delivering profits to their own organization. To be effective they must thoroughly understand their customer’s business issues and be able to mobilize the resources to meet and exceed customer expectations.

With this in mind, Walker provides tools and services to help strategic account managers understand the perspective of their customers and deliver more value.

  • Journey mapping for strategic accounts. Walker consultants work with you to map out the interactions and steps a customer goes through in working with your company. Then we dig deeper to determine strengths, weaknesses, and the “moments of truth” that can make or break a relationship.
  • Account relationship assessments. Walker’s voice-of-the-customer framework collects the right insights from the right account, and delivers them to prompt action. Our advanced technology features online tools and mobile applications triggers action alerts to detect problems and identify opportunities to grow strategic accounts.
  • Account health dashboards. Designed in a simple, at-a-glance format you select the right data sources to provide the best overall view of the health of your strategic accounts. Account health dashboards provide a clear line of sight for managing and improving strategic relationships.

Walker is an experienced consultancy with decades of experience working with large, global, strategic account management organizations. We provide a wide range of assessment tools, research services, technology applications, and consulting services that help companies forecast, manage, and grow their most strategic accounts.

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