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Voice of the Customer

When companies look for a competitive edge, more and more they are turning to the most logical source – their own customers. Effectively leveraging insights from customers has been shown to be one of the best ways to build better relationships, improve processes, reinforce the company’s brand, develop new solutions, and much more.

Walker has developed voice-of-the-customer strategies for hundreds of market leading companies. Each of our programs is built on a framework to ensure six key areas are flawlessly implemented.

  1. RELEVANCE AND ALIGNMENT – Aligning VoC initiatives closely to specific corporate initiatives.
  2. TEAM AND RESOURCES – Getting the right people involved and the right resources to drive business results.
  3. INFORMATION GATHERING – Gathering the right insights from the right customers to drive improvement.
  4. COMMUNICATIONS – Making sure employees are aware of VoC strategies and that they receive the right customer insights to use in their jobs.
  5. ACTION – Helping companies to take action on the customer insights they receive.
  6. VALIDATION – Measuring the business impact of our VoC strategies.
Using these six areas, Walker helps companies build and implement effective strategies for accelerating business results through the voice of the customer.

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