Customer Intelligence

Voice of the Employee

When it comes to customer relationships, nothing has more influence than your employees. Time and time again customer loyalty and employee loyalty have been shown to be highly correlated. It just makes sense – happy, loyal employees make for happy, loyal customers.

Two separate approaches are at the heart of our voice of the employee solutions:

  • Employee engagement assessment – Walker gathers feedback from employees to forecast employee retention, measure employee loyalty, and determine the work factors most important for a productive, engaged workforce. Walker’s approach delivers an insightful viewpoint and an action plan that will make a difference for your employees as well as your customers.
  • Voice of the Customer via Employees – Nobody knows your customers better than your own employees. To compliment the insights you gather from your customers, Walker gathers the insights of your customer-facing employees to uncover the most common issues that hold your company back.
Your employees have a lot to say. At Walker we help you put their insights to use to make your company more productive, engaged, and successful.

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