Walker Innovations

At Walker, innovation takes shape in many ways.

It may be a unique training exercise developed to help employees become more engaged in customer initiatives. Or a technology tool that seamlessly delivers customer insights to a mobile device. Or a framework to better understand key growth strategies. Or even a methodology for accurately determining what programs will have the most impact on customer loyalty.

Whatever it may be, we never stop developing new and creative ways to help companies earn more from their customer relationships. Below is a sampling of innovations that are unique to Walker. Take a look and contact us if you want to learn more about the many unique innovations we bring to every client engagement.

  • Loyalty Matrix

    Walker uses this framework for measuring loyalty and assessing the stability of an organization's customer base. This versatile approach provides businesses with a practical means to leverage the voice of the customer for improved business performance.

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  • WalkerLink Mobile

    This app gives account managers the ability to instantly access all the feedback from a company or individual contact, see which contacts have responded to a survey, and send survey reminders via their mobile device.

  • Customer Due Diligence

    This process helps an acquiring company's management team before, during, and after a merger or acquisition, by providing additional, objective information. The solution arms an acquiring company with critical insights about the target's' customers to help accelerate value creation and manage risks during a strategic acquisition.

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  • Text Analytics

    Walker uses the latest tools to collect and analyze unstructured comments from customers and turn them into relevant, actionable information.

  • Social Media Plus

    Walker's social media capability enables companies to combine unsolicited information about their brand, their competition, or a topic of interest from social media sources with other sources of information including solicited customer feedback, financial indicators, and operational metrics.

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  • Salesforce Integration

    Walker has developed a solution to seamlessly integrate customer feedback directly into SFDC – the CRM tool countless sales professionals rely on daily – rendering it even more valuable in improving customer relationships. Walker's unique integration application delivers customer feedback and customized reports in a user-friendly format that promotes action, follow up and positive results.

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  • Walker Index

    The Walker Index is a measure of the aggregate performance of the stock of publicly-traded Walker clients. It was established to track how Walker clients created shareholder value compared to the broader market indices.

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  • WalkerLink

    An online application that links busy account managers to feedback provided by the customers they serve.

  • Sales Playbooks

    Scorecards pull together all the right information into a concise report that is delivered on a timely basis. Walker works with our clients to help them understand the specific needs each user is going to have, and then we deliver it in a format where they can easily take action. We can tailor them to fit any clients' needs from complex reports, or a high-level approach, such as playbooks.

  • Integrated Enterprise Dashboards

    Walker creates online dashboards allowing easy access and interaction with timely and dynamic information. These allow you to have full drill-down capabilities, and tailored reporting, to understanding what is behind all of the data.

  • Taking Action Framework

    A framework Walker uses to transform customer feedback into action and results. It includes four essential elements – organization, process, communication, and motivation and three organizational levels – corporate, business and functional, and customer-facing.

  • Hierarchy of Engagement

    A framework Walker uses to determine what needs to happen to get employees engaged and supporting customer relationship strategies in organizations.

  • FaceValue

    This is an award winning interactive exercise to demonstrate the concept and value of leveraging customer information. Entertaining and informative, Face Value is appropriate for groups as small as five, or as large as 500.

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  • Walker BI

    Walker BI (Business Intelligence) tools provide our clients with the most flexibility and capability when analyzing customer information. To do this, Walker has invested in business Intelligence technology from the premier providers.

  • Follow-up

    Walker's online tool helps companies ensure they have a reliable method for closing the loop with customers – resolving problems as well as finding hidden sales opportunities.

  • Single Sign On

    Walker's single sign on allows clients to use their existing login system to be integrated into Walker’s system. This promotes efficiency and convenience of putting customer information into our client’s tools and systems.

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