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Each month Steve Walker and guest experts from Walker provide an information-packed 30-minute webcast on highly relevant CX topics for customer experience leaders. Professionally produced and engaging, the CX Leader Webcast is an excellent resource for CX professionals looking to learn key strategies, gather new ideas and improve their base of knowledge.

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The Effective CX Leader

March 27th - 1:00pm Eastern Time
Aligning Your Brand and CX

Consider the following two elements – (1) your brand promise is the unique value your company delivers to customers, and (2) your customer experience is the way customers interact with your company. It doesn’t take long to realize
that the two really need to work together to authentically bring a brand to life. In fact, as CX and traditional marketing converge, alignment of the two is increasingly critical to creating competitive advantage.

In this webcast we’ll take a closer look at the relationship between CX and brand and how alignment can multiply the power of your brand story.

  • Why winning companies are considering brand and CX together, and what happens when companies do not
  • How CX leaders can play a critical role in keeping their company’s brand promises to customers
  • What is needed to evaluate the current state of CX and brand alignment in your company and who to reach out to for help

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