Walker Insights Webcast

CX Storytelling to Action
June 21st – 1:00 pm Eastern Time

You’re sitting at a conference, the second half of a long day. The turkey sandwich from lunch is making you a little drowsy. Then, the session starts – and the presenter grabs your attention with an offbeat story about a boy and a stick that somehow takes the data and figures you’ve been hearing and turns them into people. You find yourself engaging with the content in a new way, thoughts of an afternoon nap long gone.

Stories bring facts and data to life. In Walker’s webcast with Pat Gibbons and Melissa Meier, you’ll learn what you need to take advantage of this technique:

  • How to collect insights that allow you to tell a compelling story
  • How to organize your data
  • How to present your story in a compelling way
  • Quick tools and tips

You’ll also have the opportunity to download a workbook with tips for adding depth and richness to your presentations through storytelling.

Join us June 21 and learn more about CX Storytelling!

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