Journey Mapping

WEBCAST: Building Your Customer Listening Architecture

May 23, 1pm Eastern

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Mapping the customer journey

Every customer goes through a series of interactions with your company. Too often companies view these interactions from the inside-out – identifying what they see as the best way to fulfill the needs of the customer. The trouble is, that’s not necessarily what the customer wants. 

Walker works with cross-functional teams to provide an outside-in approach, carefully mapping all the interactions, or “touchpoints” that commonly include more people, more layers, and more steps, particularly in a business-to-business environment. And Walker’s journey mapping approach goes deeper into the interaction stages to include not only the customer view, but also the internal views that affect the customer.

By mapping out these touchpoints we help you:

  • Create the optimal customer listening program
  • Affirm action plans and reveal obstacles
  • Get the right people engaged to design ideal experiences

A good customer experience journey map is a powerful tool to support tactical and strategic design decisions. We’ll guide you through this highly collaborative process to optimize your customers’ experience working with you.