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January 30, 2018 - 1:00 pm Eastern

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The B-to-B Customer Experience Summit kicks off today

SEATTLE – The third annual B-to-B Customer Experience Summit kicks off today, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seattle, Wash.

Customer experience professionals from market-leading companies around the world are attending the CX Summit. The two-day event features education and content, including keynotes from author of “The Boys in the Boat” Daniel James Brown, vice president from Forrester Research Megan Burns, author Lynne Lancaster, therapist, author, and comedian Dr. Will Miller, and vice president from EMC Carolyn Muise.

Hosted by customer strategy consulting firm Walker Information, this event is focused on the latest and best customer strategies for business to business companies, and helps companies go beyond customer listening to become more intelligent about their customers and drive business success.

In addition to the relevant and powerful keynote speakers, a highlight of the event will be the release of two studies – CX Advantage and Optimizing CX. The groundbreaking study, CX Advantage will share how business-to-business companies can develop customer experience strategies that create a powerful competitive advantage for their company. To learn more or purchase the report, go to http://www.walkerinfo.com/cxadvantage/.

Optimizing CX will share what B-to-B customer experience professionals must do to significantly transform their CX strategies by embracing new methods and becoming more proactive – all to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers. 

To learn more go to www.walkercxsummit.com.  For real-time updates throughout the conference, follow @WalkerInfo and the hashtag #CXSummit on Twitter.

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Walker is a consulting firm specializing in customer experience. Helping businesses for more than 75 years, Walker’s diverse team of consultants provides tailored, comprehensive solutions to help companies achieve their business objectives and grow shareholder value. Walker specializes in customer retention and growth, using predictive analytics and other innovative approaches. Walker works with some of the world’s most influential businesses as well as emerging organizations of all sizes. For more information, please visit www.walkerinfo.com.

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