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Walker releases ProactiveAlert™ and TrendAlert™

INDIANAPOLIS — Walker Information, a business-to-business customer experience consulting firm, released two new analytic and technology solutions for the customer experience industry – Walker ProactiveAlert™ and Walker TrendAlert™.

Walker ProactiveAlert™ enables companies to forecast which customers may be dissatisfied which allows them to initiate preventative action, and build better customer relationships. The product of data integration and predictive algorithms, proactive alerting is an invaluable tool for restoring customer favor and reviving the customer experience.
ProacitveAlerts can automatically identify customers who had a bad experience - even though they never filled out a survey. The steps below outline the proactive alerting process.

  • Identify operational metrics driving customer experience.  Walker creates custom predictive engines using data companies already have, merging survey results with relevant internal data to identify operational metrics that cause low customer scores.
  • Automatically scan all non-surveyed events.  Once the predictive engine is built, Walker automatically and continuously runs the algorithm against every single one of those unsurveyed events.
  • Trigger alerts for all events with predicted dissatisfaction.  Any transaction that the engine predicts would have resulted in a poor customer experience automatically triggers a proactive alert.
  • Follow up and capture with corrective actions.  These alerts are emailed directly to the appropriate stakeholder to take action with the customer and capture any corrective actions needed, integrating seamlessly with the company’s existing closed-loop process.

Walker TrendAlert™ is an early warning system that uses and analyzes data companies are already tracking to trigger alerts at a strategic level, in near-real time, while the issue is trending, so companies are able to proactively respond. 
TrendAlert is all about alerting companies to situations outside the norm – providing a “heads up” to issues or circumstances – that may require action.

  • Walker TrendAlert is not beholden to a company’s standard cadence for review of metrics (month by month, quarter by quarter, year by year). The system runs in the background reviewing trends at all times, offering the best chance to identify a meaningful change at the earliest opportunity.
  • This approach draws value from comparing past data to what’s happening now to determine if the pattern of information is normal or if activity signals an emerging issue.
  • Understanding that data is inherently variable day to day, Walker TrendAlert – designed to work behind the scenes – is focused on changes that are outside the norm or unique.
  • Engaging this type of early warning system allows B-to-B companies to monitor hundreds of trends – a task not easily managed by CX professionals today.

While Walker TrendAlert can signal problem areas, it’s also a valuable approach to identifying positive trends in time to capitalize on them, initiate efforts to extend them, or celebrate CX accomplishments.

For more information about these solutions and other customer experience solutions and tools, visit http://www.walkerinfo.com/walker-solutions.asp

About Walker

Walker is a consulting firm specializing in customer experience. Helping businesses for more than 75 years, Walker’s diverse team of consultants provides tailored, comprehensive solutions to help companies achieve their business objectives and grow shareholder value. Walker specializes in customer retention and growth, using predictive analytics and other innovative approaches. Walker works with some of the world’s most influential businesses as well as emerging organizations of all sizes. For more information, please visit www.walkerinfo.com.

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