Who We Are

Experienced Customer Strategists

Report to StakeholdersWalker is a customer intelligence consulting firm. Helping businesses for more than 75 years, Walker’s diverse team of consultants provides tailored, comprehensive solutions to help companies achieve their business objectives and grow shareholder value.

Walker specializes in customer retention and growth strategies, using predictive analytics, cutting edge technology, and expert consultation to deliver results.

Our People

When we ask our clients what makes us different, the answer is consistent – our people. Consider the following: forty percent of our associates have been with the company for more than 10 years, and the average tenure of our senior-level consultants is 15 years. It is no wonder we state with such confidence that no company can match our experience in developing effective customer strategies that drive business performance.

Our Clients

We collaborate with an impressive list of clients in a wide range of industries. While our client base is diverse, one thing is in common – these companies are dedicated to establishing a competitive advantage by better understanding their customers. And it is working. The majority of our clients enjoy a position of market leadership and collectively, they dramatically outperform the broader markets. 

Our Background

A very special characteristic of Walker is its history. Not many companies can tout our length of service or the many global brands we have served over the years. Also unique is that we are a privately held, family business. Our CEO Steve Walker is the third family member to lead the company started by his grandmother in 1939.

Our background and our history has been instrumental in building a culture of service and success at Walker. Learn more about our journey to our present position as a trailblazer leading the market for customer strategy consulting.

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