Our Background

Our achievements as a consulting organization today is strongly influenced by a long history of successfully serving a wide range of clients. We have continually evolved from our roots in research to develop specialized approaches, analysis, frameworks, training, and technology for understanding customer relationships and driving business success.

Established in 1939 by Dorothy "Tommie" Walker, the firm began by conducting door-to-door surveys for banks, grocery stores, and other retail businesses. Under the leadership of her son Frank Walker, we established prominence as a leading research firm serving the consumer packaged goods industry.

Our current Chairman and CEO, Steve Walker, has leveraged this strong background. Under his leadership we were one of the pioneers in the movement of customer satisfaction measurement, among the first in developing valid models for measuring customer loyalty, and at the forefront in the development of web-based survey and reporting tools.


Today we are an innovative trailblazer leading the market for customer strategy consulting. We have carved our niche as the most knowledgeable and experienced consultants for driving business success through customer relationships.

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What will the future hold for Walker? It's difficult to know the market demands to which we will respond and the vision we will bring to each business challenge. However, we do know that we remain committed to helping companies succeed through innovative customer strategies.

Walker in the Community

For more than 70 years Walker has had a proud culture of community involvement and social responsibility. We firmly believe in our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. This is demonstrated in the work we contribute to our local community and through the many organizations in which Walker associates are involved. Walker is regularly recognized for our community service.

Our community and philanthropic efforts are known among our associates as Walker GIVES (Getting Involved, Volunteering, Encouraging, Supporting). There are three primary ways these programs take shape:

  1. We volunteer. Walker associates are leaders in countless community organizations. We actively participate in United Way leadership programs and encourage our associates to develop their skills as volunteers and board members of worthwhile not-for-profit organizations. What’s more, these groups recognize Walker’s commitment to the community and seek out our employees to get involved.

  2. We contribute. Whether it is through corporate funds or campaigns coordinated with our associates, we are generous in sharing our resources. Employees constantly step up to contribute to food drives, holiday programs, education initiatives, and more. Walker is recognized as a Pacesetter organization by the United Way, and over the past 15 years no company our size has contributed more than Walker.

  3. We work. Walker is also generous in sharing our skills with community organizations. We provide in-kind services to worthwhile not-for-profits such as strategic consulting, stakeholder research studies, workshop facilitation, and other programs. Just as we help companies better understand their customers, we help community organizations better understand their donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders.

Qualified organizations may make requests for volunteers, contributions, or in-kind services. The specific purpose of the activity or program should be described with sufficient information for Walker to consider this in context of the many other activities we have in place.

Walker will only consider groups qualified as 501(c)3 organizations by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions to individuals, contributions for sectarian purposes, or programs that promote religious doctrine and/or political campaigns will not be considered.

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