Our Clients

Walker is proud to work with an impressive group of industry-leading clients. Many are large, Fortune 1000 companies that operate all over the globe. Others are emerging businesses poised for explosive growth. With decades of experience we have served businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Below are descriptions of some of the companies we work with:

  • A leading provider in the emerging field of email marketing software
  • A leading provider in desktop publishing software
  • A global leader in business communications, equipment and software
  • One of the world's largest distributors of electronic components and computer products
  • A market dominator for internet networking equipment
  • One of the world's leading suppliers of business information, services, and research
  • A leading provider of electronic systems to store and retrieve massive amounts of information
  • One of the oldest and most diverse makers of microchips in the world
  • A leader in global communications
  • The largest manufacturer of beverage containers
  • A major soft drink bottling company
  • One of the world's largest hotel and leisure companies

There are many more examples. Each client is unique and we work closely with each to learn about their business, and tailor a program meet their business goals.

Contact us to learn more about who we work with and how we have developed effective customer strategies for their success. We'll tell you more about the companies we serve, or perhaps put you in touch with one of them so they can tell you their own story.

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