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Customer Intelligence

Walker helps companies become more intelligent about their customers by understanding the customer’s perspective and anticipating their needs. We use predictive analytics and other innovative approaches to retain and grow customer relationships. And, it works. The Walker Index shows that our clients outperform the market 7 to 1.

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Create a foundation for growth through long lasting customer relationships.

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Accelerate value creation, manage risk during acquisitions.

Predict Customer Behavior

Anticipate customer needs with predictive analytics.


Walker Success Stories

Taking Action Produces Big Payoff

Taking Action Produces Big Payoff

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A leading provider of technology solutions implemented a "hot alert" system to take immediate action…...
Acting On Customer Insights Saves $34 Million

Acting On Customer Insights Saves $34 Million

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By committing themselves to the customer experience and taking action on customer insights, this…...
Discovering a Wealth of Untapped Customer Insight

Discovering a Wealth of Untapped Customer Insight

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Through effective use of text analytics and by taking action on customer insights, this leader in…...

Walker Blogs

Check out our blogs featuring Walker’s brightest individuals discussing topics about customer intelligence.

Leslie Pagel

Customer Focused Innovation

by Leslie Pagel

Common mishaps with Customer Experience (CX) design
There are many reasons your Customer Experience program can fail; however, being mindful of these po...

Patrick Gibbons

Engaging the Enterprise

by Patrick Gibbons

Time for a talk with your survey?
Surveys have long been the standard for gathering customer insights. And with good reason! They are ...

Chris Woolard

Loyalty in the Workplace

by Chris Woolard

Sea Island: Exemplifying the Employee Customer Link
Last year I had the pleasure of working with Sea Island to measure employee/team member perceptions ...

Kitty Radcliff

Customer Experience Lessons

by Kitty Radcliff

Putting the Pieces Together for a Holistic Customer View
Right out of the gate it was clear why the software as a service company was embarking on their cust...

Brad Harmon

Customer Focused Channels

by Brad Harmon

Who needs who more? The role of dependency in channel/suppli
An emerging trend in the study of relationships is how dependent the parties are on one another fo...

Katie Kiernan

Listening to Customers

by Katie Kiernan

The Validation Comfort Zone
The evolution of what customer experience initiatives are like today has seen many changes, from com...

Troy Powell

Customer Insight Driven

by Troy Powell

Beware, predictive analytics can make you look like an idiot
If you apply predictive analytics to help make important decisions in your organization, I can guara...


B-to-B White Paper Series

Driving Retention With VoC

Driving Retention With VoC

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Account managers and sales representatives in B-to-B companies increasingly need help managing their…...
Driving Profitability with VOC

Driving Profitability with VOC

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One of the best strategies for B-to-B companies to increase profitable growth is to ensure they are…...
Driving ROI With VoC

Driving ROI With VoC

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Intuitively, the notion of customer loyalty makes sense and feels like "the right thing to do."…...