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We are a customer experience consulting firm.

We help companies learn from their customers and turn that knowledge into growth and success for their business.

Nothing is more important to your business than customers. After all, without them, your business would not exist. In any business the customer sees things that you don’t. And their perspective is the one that matters.

Walker is a customer experience firm specializing in customer retention and growth strategies. We use advanced analytics, cutting edge technology, and expert consultation to help each clients achieve their business objectives. We believe a few things make us stand out as different and better:

  • With decades of experience, Walker understands how to put customer intelligence to work to drive business success.
  • Walker offers a comprehensive range of services and tools that bring customer insights to life.
  • Walker has unmatched expertise–our consultants have dedicated the majority of their careers to implementing customer strategies.
  • We focus on results. In fact, we track our clients’ collective business performance and compare it to the performance of the major stock indices.

We are experienced customer strategists that help companies achieve their business objectives and grow shareholder value.

Are you looking for a rewarding career that puts you at the forefront of the technology or customer experience (CX) industry? Become part of an innovative organization that’s combining cutting-edge technology with industry-leading research capabilities to create something new. Enjoy the benefits of a fun, positive, and dynamic work environment that encourages creativity and rewards results.

  • What do we want in an employee?

    Our people are our greatest asset.

    • Extra effort – We want someone who gives 100 percent.
    • Team player
    • We want someone who can shine in a technologically-driven and innovative company.
    • We want someone who believes it is important to support their community.
    • We want someone who has a passion for learning.
    • We want someone who is energetic, ambitious, and motivated.
    • We want someone who wants to make a difference.
  • Walker's History

    A very special characteristic of Walker is its history. Not many companies can tout our length of service or the many global brands we have served over the years. Also unique is that we are a privately held, family business. Our CEO Steve Walker is the third family member to lead the company, which was started by his grandmother in 1939. Our background and our history have been instrumental in building a culture of service and success at Walker. Learn more about our journey to our present position as a trailblazer leading the market for customer strategy consulting.

  • A Letter From Steve

    When my grandmother began this business in 1939 I doubt she could have imagined what it would become. However, she established a set of values and a culture that are very much alive today and will continue to be alive in the future. I am sometimes asked what it takes to achieve such sustained success. While there is no secret recipe, there are several important ingredients worth mentioning:

    • We’re in a good business. We have always been in the business of helping companies better understand their customers. Businesses needed this in 1939, they need it today, and they will need it in the future.
    • We listen and adapt. We listen intently to our associates, our clients, and to the broader market and we have been able to adapt to changing needs and market demands. This has been essential to consistently delivering valuable and relevant solutions to thousands of clients.
    • We’re passionate. To sustain success over a long period of time a company must believe in the products and services they deliver. We have been fortunate to have had thousands of associates over the years that have been passionate about what we do at Walker. And, these ingredients won’t change. They are not only what’s worked, but they are also what’s next.


    Today our competitors are often guided (or controlled) by venture organizations or large corporations. At Walker we’re guided by our own passion and our customers – and you can expect that to continue.

    We’ll continue to offer comprehensive solutions. We’ll continue to serve market-leading companies who want to gain a competitive edge through innovative customer strategies. We’ll continue to have passionate, highly experienced consultants delivering expert advice.