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Walker U

Walker U is a training curriculum designed to accelerate your personal and professional development. Walker U has three pillars: 


Personal Success is intended to give you access to resources and trainings that can help you in your personal life. It includes three foundational elements:

  1. Wellness, which includes living a healthy lifestyle, financial planning, and managing stress.
  2. Community involvement, such as Walker’s United Way Campaign and the trueU Super Service Challenge
  3. Engagement are opportunities for you to network and engage with other professionals.


Operational Excellence is focused on the skills necessary to do our job. This includes understanding Walker tools, processes and developing leadership skills to ensure we work together efficiently and effectively.


Client Success is focused on increasing the value we deliver to clients. It includes our consulting approach, our frameworks and philosophies, and preparing our consultants for the boardroom. As a professional services firm, our people are the number one driver of customer loyalty. This pillar is about equipping our people with the skills and tools they need to help our clients optimize the impact of their investment.


Walker is intentional about professional development. All associates in all roles have the responsibility and the duty to train and develop others in the workforce. Daily, you will have interaction with your peers who are subject matter experts and will share knowledge with you that can help you develop. You will also have the opportunity to share your expertise with others to help them grow.