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Accelerating the CX Advantage

Leveraging the customer experience to create a competitive advantage

Creating a competitive advantage from the customer experience is a journey, not a destination. It’s a process involving an organizational commitment to create an intimate and deep understanding of customers and to use this understanding to guide strategic decisions at all levels of the organization.

The Customer-Focused CEO

Seven Characteristics that Lead to a Sustainable Advantage

Rapid change and the warp speed of innovation make it increasingly difficult for companies to create a competitive advantage. As product and price fail to provide a reliable edge and with informed customers expecting more, CEOs are turning to customer experience to build the kind of sustainable advantage that leads to business outcomes and long-term success.

The CEO View of CX

What Customer Experience Professionals Must do to be Relevant to the C-Suite

The insights shared in The CEO View of CX helps determine how CX professionals can be more effective in engaging their CEOs, how they can ensure CX initiatives are relevant to the C-suite, and how those directing the customer experience initiatives can elevate their role by having an even greater impact on the bottom line.

CX Advantage

The Opportunity for B-to-B is Now

CX Advantage provides a clear picture of the opportunity that is available for B-to-B organizations; the opportunity to leverage the experience to achieve business results. In this report Walker reviews the customer experience payoff, the reality B-to-B companies face today, and what customer experience professionals must do to realize the opportunity.

The Value of Making it Easy

How B-to-B Firms Prosper by Improving Customer Ease of Doing Business

This study explores a top business priority of customer experience professionals, “ease of doing business,” and will guide customer experience leaders to be the catalyst for change in streamlining procedures and simplifying processes.