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CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker

The CX Leader Podcast with host Steve Walker provides insights for business leaders to improve results by unlocking the potential of their customer experience. More than a discussion of CX topics, the podcast focuses on ways CX professionals can develop the right skills and ideas to be effective leaders in their organizations.

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The Influence of Technology on CX

Change ManagementThere is no denying the importance of technology's role in customer experience. Steve Walker will invite guests within the customer experience technology space for discussions on how technology became prevalent in CX, the current state of technology, and what to expect from technology for CX in the future.

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Improving the Patient Experience

Patient ExperienceThe phrase “healthcare is broken” is often used to describe the health services industry in America, but what does that mean? Steve welcomes the co-founder and president of OurHealth, Dr. Jeff Wells, for a discussion on what it means to provide better experiences for patients and how that compares to the customer experience space.

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Change management: a marathon or a sprint?

Change ManagementCX leaders are often called to help institute changes within their company to improve customer experience. In this podcast series, Steve discusses best practices on how leaders can drive action to better how customers experience your company.

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Don't let your brand make false promises

When journey maps don't go the distanceDoes your brand make a promise to your customers? Then you need to make certain your CX program can deliver on that promise! Steve welcomes back Jennifer Batley, a vice president and certified customer experience professional at Walker, for a discussion on how to make certain your brand aligns with your customer experience.

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When journey maps don't go the distance: three detours to avoid

When journey maps don't go the distanceThe customer journey map is a valuable qualitative tool for understanding customer needs and expectations at each phase of the customer lifecycle. But there are traps, or "detours," that can take you off course. In this three-episode series, Steve and CX experts discuss those detours and how to avoid them when mapping your customers' journey.

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Building Your Customer Listening Architecture

Building Your Customer Listening ArchitectureListening to your customer's needs is a vital part of an effective CX strategy, so it's critical that you have the right technology and strategies in place to gather the required insights for your customer experience. In this three-episode series, Steve welcomes experts from Walker and Qualtrics to help explain the importance of a carefully considered listening program.

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The CEO, the Customer, and You

The CEO, the Customer, and YouSteve interviews Jim Schleckser, a best-selling author and CEO advisor, on how good CEO's manage their time and attention, how the CX professional can speak the CEO's language, and the importance of CX from the perspective of the c-suite.

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Recapping the CXPA Insight Exchange

Recapping the CXPA Insight Exchange

CX professionals from across the globe met in New Orleans to exchange ideas and learn more about what's happening in the realm of customer experience. Steve welcomes Pat Gibbons back to the podcast in a two-part episode series to share what Walker associates learned was on the minds of CX pros.

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Upping Your Sales Game

Upping Your Sales Game In this two-part series, host Steve Walker welcomes long-time friend and colleague Bill Caskey to the podcast to discuss the importance of sales in the CX leader's role within an organization.

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Bringing Customer Experience to Home Services: An Interview with Angie Hicks

Telling Your CX Story In this episode of the CX Leader Podcast, Steve welcomes guest Angie Hicks, co-founder of Angie's List and chief customer officer for ANGI Home Services. Angie discusses Angie's List's beginning and how they became a disruptor to an entire business sector, bringing customer experience to the forefront of the home services industry.

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How a Box of Invoices Tells a Story

Telling Your CX StorySteve welcomes Pat Gibbons, a customer experience professional and senior vice president at Walker, and discusses how storytelling can be a powerful addition to the customer experience professional's toolbox.

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TEN Traits of Effective CX Leaders

Ten Traits of Effective CX LeadersBased on input we’ve gathered and our own experience, we’ve developed a checklist of the top traits. In this webcast we’ll discuss the top traits for successful CX leadership, the most common obstacles for customer experience leaders, how CX leaders can consistently make an impact for their organization.

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Customers 2020: A Progress Report - Personalization, Ease, And Speed

Customers 2020: A Progress ReportIn this episode series, Steve Walker discusses the three main areas of importance in regards to customer experience as we approach 2020: personalization, ease, and speed. Guests include Walker experts Brad Harmon, Melissa Meier, and Troy Powell.

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